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At this point it is no longer a matter of ignorance, but a matter of choice, of choosing to remain so, or a refusal to actually look, or of accepting it.

I understand the reluctance to want to look deeper into this, but I will give you a couple of links so you can judge for yourselves. I was shared these just a couple of days ago, although after that I also looked into it to validate and confirm it to a satisfactory degree. I won’t mention names. Look for yourselves.

First, “Scandza” has been posting on various Alt Right fora, describing himself as a “martial arts instructor”, born in Dalarna to leftist parents, but now living in Gothenburg. He also has a friend in NATO.


As seen here, the user account which used to make these posts also links to a Tumblr page which has this photo as one of its first posts:


That Tumblr account also uses a certain quote from Fiore as its motto, about not letting your soul be old.

If you look through the posts and reblogs, there are a number of images of certain prominent HEMA people, but also nazi imagery and a lot of “identitarian” alt right stuff, alongside of posting quotes from e.g. Meyer and Ann Tlusty.

Most disturbingly, the things Scandza likes, outside of liking photos of a certain HEMA leader’s baby and kid photos, or the same prominent Swedish HEMA leader drinking cognac in Budapest, are dozens of images of nazis and other outright nazi 14/88 and fascist material.

(Ed: Requires a Tumblr log-in. Here’s a snapshot)



(Ed: One of many posts Scandza liked. Note that “deutschlandgloria” is a blog devoted to “National Socialism and the Occult”. “foreverandalways-88” is a reference to Hitler. H is the 8th letter of the alphabet, so 88 stands for “Heil Hitler” in many Neo-Nazi circles)

Scandza has also reblogged a lot of material from I am a Fencer, a renowned Swedish HEMA blog, and both I am a Fencer, and Consolatione, the blog by the cognac-drinking HEMA leader, have liked posts by Scandza.

The person in question also has posted the same material as Scandza on the same day on his FB page.

Much of this is also stored in the Wayback Machine, and goes back some 6-7 years, with massive amounts of material posted.

Finally, Scandza also used to run a now deleted blogspot page, still archived by Wayback Machine and available here:


The first archived post there links directly to I am a Fencer, using a photo from Swordfish showing Krisztina Nagy’s fencing mask (without her consent or knowledge), and a mensur photo also posted as one of the first posts on that Scandza Tumblr page.

All put together, there is little doubt in my mind regarding who is behind it, not least considering the earlier things that have come out, or the reactionary political material and beliefs they’ve been quite open about, with one of these guys publicly describing himself as “reactionary” and repeatedly writing about hating modernity, feminism and lefties. Hell, one of the top dogs of the Alt Right, a Swedish partner of US Alt Right leader Richard Spencer (who wrote about HEMA and white power), even follows the person in question on FB and liked his post about not being racist, and all accusers being lieful cowards…

Judge it for yourself and see what you think. I don’t have a doubt anymore and I think that this has been long overdue, even if I wish the tensions and schisms wouldn’t grow this bad as we are seeing now. But, it is a direct result of these guys actively seeking to bring fascistoid politics into the heart of HEMA, and refusing to acknowledge it while attacking their critics and calling them liars and cowards.

I’d suggest having a close look at the material above and connect the dots yourselves, giving it plenty of time for consideration. I can’t come to any other conclusion.