Is Axel Pettersson a Nazi?

In 2018, numerous members of the HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) community accused noted fencer Axel Pettersson (and, to a lesser extent, Anders Linnard) of maintaining racist and fascist views. Many of these accusations were made on Facebook and other social media platforms, making them difficult for many to access. We’ve gathered much of the evidence here, so you can make your own judgements. What you do with this information is for you to decide.

What you’ll find below:

  1. A post by Roger Norling that shared information about an unnamed prominent fencer in the HEMA community that led many to accuse Pettersson of being a fascist.
  2. A post by Stevie Thurston that contains more hard evidence.
  3. A statement by Axel Pettersson about the accusations, made through a third party on a well-known HEMA group. Also includes responses.
  4. A post by Nicholas Petrou containing screenshots of a conversation he had with Axel concerning the above posts.
  5. Additional evidence passed on by comrades of the blog.

Roger Norling’s post

Stevie Thurston’s post

Axel Pettersson’s statement

Nicholas Petrou’s post

Additional Evidence

P.S. This is a work in progress and we welcome more information. If you have information you want added, email